Learn.Click.Love. DSLR 101

Learn.Click.Love. DSLR 101

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If you’ve ever looked at the LCD on your expensive, new camera like, “I wish I knew how to use this thing better!”  and you find looking at old photos a rewarding, heart-warming experience, keep reading!

Being self taught is totally possible, but it's a heck of a lot faster (and WAY more fun) learning together with a small group of other Moms on a mission to feel confident and excited about their photos!

So Hi! I'm Lisa!

I am a documentary family photographer who also enjoys helping other moms learn how to better use their cameras and take pictures of their family that they are truly proud of! In this class, you'll not only learn the basics (and technical side) to using your DSLR, but you'll learn creative techniques and how to make a picture tell a story, remind you of a memory and the details of your life you achingly want to be unforgettable. 

This is an in-person, live, hands on class held in a cozy Yoga Retreat in Alamo, CA. You will not only learn information but also get to use the information during our practice shooting session with me by your side! 

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